Surgical Masks

Since for the first time in the history of surgical procedures Johann von Mikulicz wore a linen bandage over his mouth in 1897, facial masks have become an indispensable part of patient and personal infection protection that has continued to develop. Earlier versions made from fine woven gauze have since been replaced by single use masks with a highly effective filter material and fitted form. By utilizing the cutting technological edge and consistent and certain quality safeguarding, FarStar® fulfils the even the highest requirements:

  • Protection and safety for patient and user through best possible filter performance
  • Comfort for the user through very low respiratory resistance and very good wearability
  • Avoidance of skin irritation by using latex- and allergen-free materials
  • An affordable price through efficient use of technology and optimal material selection.
  • All of our masks are in compliance with DIN EN 14683