We at FarStar® medical manufacture products for infection prophylaxis during surgical procedures. It is our priority to essentially contribute to the patient ’s recovery by providing the highest standard in surgical caps, masks and gowns, while at the same time respecting the safety of the surgical staff.

At FarStar®, safety comes hand in hand with conceivable comfort: the people in charge at surgical procedures estimate the outstanding quality of our materials and manufacturing skills since 2003. We are proud to say that it has been an acknowledged fact among our customers that the wearing comfort of our products contributes to a successful surgical procedure even during long hours.

Each new product development is being supervised meticulously from beginning to end, all raw materials are hand-selected, each seam is being tested for a perfect fissure.

Our knowledge, our experience and our responsibility for the patient’s well being as well as for the surgical staff make FarStar® a successful company in the area of medical products in infection prophylaxis.