Patient and visitor‘s gowns

Universal “all round” single use gown for patients, staff and visitors that can be used in all areas of the hospital and provides appropriate infection prophylaxis. Polypropylene with textile cuff.

Visitor‘s gowns Economy Line

For visitors we offer Economy Line gowns made of light polypropylene non-wowen.

Examination gowns

This slightly reinforced examination gown provides an even better infection prophylaxis with its liquid-resistant 40 g/m²-material. This gown is also in sterile version available.

Protective gowns

Our reinforced high standard SMS non-woven material gown provides the highest protection and is classified to class 6 according to DIN EN 14126, DIN EN 22610, ISO 16603, 16604, as well as class 3 according to ISO 22611 and 22612.

We also provide further isolation gown offering high infections prophylaxis and wearing comfort.